Sunset Cruises


Enjoy a peaceful evening of cruising on our Private Sunset Charters departing from Singer Island.  A licensed captain will take up to 6 guest on a calm ride to Palm Beach Gardens and further north to catch the photographic view of the Inland waters and spectacular homes.  Adults, age 21+, may enjoy their favorite beverages and the boat is stocked with coolers and ice.  You will also be able to connect your smartphone to our powerful sound system to hear your playlist, or the captain can “DJ” for you.  We highly recommend bringing a camera or purchasing a digital photo package to capture images of the downing sun.  All tours are private so you can spend quality time with your choice of friends and family. 
Private Sunset Tour


Sunset Tours can now be booked at a Per Person rate.  Click the “Book Now” button below and select the number of tickets.  Each passenger must have a ticket to participate.  Sunset Tour may not be scheduled until the minimum amount of tickets are booked per trip. 
Sunset Tour

Why Are We the Best in Providing Sunset Cruises in Palm Beach? 

  1. Widely Recognized  

We have carved a name for ourselves and are widely recognized for our excellent, hospitable, and dependable services. We are commercially insured and fully licensed to offer the best services in a bevy of cruise ship lines. 

     2. Convenience & Comfort  

We have an enclosed cockpit that offers plenty of shade and protects our guests in all weather conditions. Our lounge and sitting areas are full of comfortable cushions to provide comfort for all our guests.   

The parking area is also extremely close to the boarding area to help our guests save time.  

     3. Small-Group Size   

We allow a small number of guests or vacationers to be grouped. When the group size is small, we can offer customized and personal attention for each member to provide them with the best possible cruising ship experience.  

     4. Customization  

Based on the members’ needs, interests, and preferences on tour, we customize every Chartered tour.  

We aim to make our customers feel satisfied and have an unparalleled fun experience.  

     5. Passionate   

We are a bunch of passionate people who love what we do. We enjoy every opportunity to show our guests the beautiful environment, surroundings, and architecture of our  

Target destinations.  

Our passion reflects our services and conduct and helps create memorable experiences for our guests.  

     6. Great Excursion   

We offer one of the best excursion experiences at an affordable budget. We have personal pickups and drop-offs to your venuehotel, or the closest pickup point.  

The experience our excursions offer will leave a lasting impression on your mind for years to come.  

     7. Transportation  

We offer transportation services to bring you from your hotel to thboating dock. Once you return from your cruise, the service will get you right back to your hotel.  

Check our Gallery for more photos of our cruise. 

6 Things You Need to Know Before Going for a River Cruise in Palm Beach

  1. Dress 

You can wear almost anything, except for tank tops, sandals, and shorts. For the nights listed in your itinerary, men can wear a tux or suit up. If you’re a simple guy, a button-down shirt with a tie with suffice. 

Women can wear any dress of their choice. Dinner is hosted in the formal dining rooms and typically request business casual attire.   

     2. Best Deals  

Subscribing for the cruise line’s newsletter is one of the best ways to stay informed about the best deals and offeringsAdditionally, there are special discounts for State residents, military personnel, previous guests, or guests with particular affiliations.   

As a subscribed member, you will receive regular updates and notifications about the various deals, promotional offers, and discounts going on with the cruise line.  

     3. Check If Tips Are Included   

There’s a very good chance that the price of tips is included in your ticket, but it’s a good idea to make sure. The service staff aboard the cruise ships work long hours to make your stay peaceful and smooth. If you would like to show extra appreciation for their hard work and passion, you are welcomed to tip the staff generously, even if the tips were included in your ship tickets.   

You can also offer smaller tips to any staff member who has impressed you with their service, attitude, and knowledge.  

     4. Avoid Crowds   

Most ships port and disembark at very specified times. If the passengers can stagger their arrival and reach the port at about the right time to board the cruise ship, it will allow efficient and hassle-free boarding for everyone. 

You should always try to avoid the crowd and find that sweet spot between coming too early and too late to board your ship.  

     5. Do Research about Activities   

Booking a River Cruise in Palm Beach without doing any research is a bad idea. Being clear with the kind of activities you want to do or be involved in can help you find the best cruise options. So, it is crucial that you research different activities and games offered by cruises before you make any bookings.  

     6. Speak to An Agent   

Before booking your tickets, you must talk to your travel agent to figure out what you can expect from your cruise. Inform them about your preferences, interests, and choices, and the travel agent will do all the work in deciding the best cruise line and itinerary for you.   

Give us a call at 561-729-0690if you want to enjoy the #1 River Cruise in Palm Beach.

Palm Beach River Cruise FAQs

Q1. Will I be able to extend the rental date?   

The rental extension date is dependent on schedule availability. If there’s availability, the rental date can be extended. Please contact the customer support for the shipping line to find out more about the vacancy. 

Q2. What is the method of payment?   

Our payment system accepts credit card payments for reservations. The additional fees incurred can be paid by card or cash at the end of the trip.  

Q3. Can you explain to me the difference between the catamaran and the rafting boats?   

Catamarans are very stable in water and are usually 55 to 65 inches in length. They have shade and restrooms on board and ample space to walk around. 

Rafting boats, on the other hand, are smallerwith only 24 inches in length. Rafts are faster and bouncy, and they do not have shade or restrooms on board. Rafts can be used to access land and sea caves on and around the beach.  

Rafts are also inflatable and allow you to sit on the inflated sides in a side-saddle style 

Q4. Do you have transportation facilities?   

Yes, we offer River Cruise transport facilities. This service will transport people between the cruise boarding point at Palm Beach and their respective hotels for a nominal cost. Call customer support to learn more.   

Q5. Can children under five years travel on the boat?   

Yes, children under the age of five can join their parents or guardians absolutely free of charge.  

Let us know the number of children under age five while you call our support center or book the tickets on our website, every guest cruising with us needs a ticket.  

Q6. Are baby strollers allowed?   

Yes, our cruise vessels are specially designed to be accessible with wheelchairs and baby strollers. We want to offer an exclusive cruising experience to both parents and toddlers. 

Give us a call at 561-729-0690 to enjoy the best Sunset Cruise in Palm Beach. 

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