Fly Hundreds of Feet over the Singer island with breathtaking views of the ocean, islands, and surrounding waterways. Our experienced crew will take you on a flying adventure you will never forget. Parasailing is one of the most popular water sport activities in the West Palm Beach area. Adventure Water Sports will make your parasail experience safe and easy!

Do I need experience?
You do not. It is simple. It is easy. Any age limits? Youngsters 6-17 years may parasail with the signed permission of their guardian. Passengers 18+ may sign for themselves.

Do you do doubles (two at a time) or triples
(three at a time)?
Yes, we have special equipment that makes it really comfortable to fly two or three people side by side. The Captain will decide how many people go up together for the best ride.

Do you take off from the beach?
That was in the “olden days.” Now we have specially built boats and equipment made for parasailing. You lift off from the back deck of the boat and you will also land on the boat deck.

Will I get wet?
It’s choice. Just let the captain know. He will dip you in the water if you like.

Can we go along to watch?
We do not reserve space for spectators in the busy season. If we have space available when the boat is leaving we will be happy to take you along.

Do we need Reservations?
Yes all appointments are schedule by reservation.

Parasail Adventure